Many have often asked the reason why I choose WordPress over other platforms for website development. Having been in this line for a long time now, and having worked on other platforms as well, I prefer and recommend WordPress for the following key reasons.


Amongst the many Content Management Systems available today, WordPress is most reliable by far. It follows strict international standards in quality and uses only the best technology platforms.

Cost effective

Rather than developing a website from scratch, which would definitely be more cost intensive, WordPress is much easier on the client’s pocket. So whether you’re building a simple blog or a secure e-commerce site, it can be done inexpensively.

Greater flexibility

A range of plugins priced economically, allow for high amount of flexibility in design and functionality. A wide range of plugins and themes help ensure that each site is different from the other. Also, the free license server software can be installed on both Linux and Windows.

Multi-user capability

Finally, multiple users can collaborate and work on a website. This allows for independent roles to be assigned to each team member, thus enhancing creativity and improving productivity.