If you’re looking for someone who makes unique web designs, that are attractive, easy to navigate and high in function, then you’re at the right place. I’m Noah Kramer, and have been working as a WordPress developer for a decade now. Creating wonderfully responsive websites that are high in speed and great on design, is my strength. It is the reason that my list of over 10,000 clients has been growing, through referrals and word of mouth.

I love getting into the depth of the subject, understanding the business and then getting into design. I respect timelines, follow quality procedures and am open to ideas and suggestions. Moreover, I believe in the application of conversion psychology to help convert web traffic into potential business, sales or leads. For me, each website is unique, and I may work with different clients in the same vertical, yet give extremely different end products. Having worked for many years on this content management system, I am well versant with its potential, and can thus get the best results for clients.

I love to work with mission-driven individuals and smaller businesses, as this category allows me to explore my creative potential to the fullest. I also find it a privilege to work for non profits, thus using my skill for a bigger cause. So if you’re a business who seeks a passionate, high energy individual to give your website a unique feel and design, do get in touch. If you already have a website, and are looking for someone to add to it, make changes or troubleshoot problems, I can help there too. I usually get back within 24 hours, so do get in touch.

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